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I live in Tyler Texas and am an architect, private pilot and avid amateur photographer. As of January 2016, I am now retired from being a principal and owner at one of the most successful firms here in Northeast Texas. I created this site to contain information about me as an architect and about architecture and generally related topics as well.

After working as an architect since December 1982 through December 2015, I have extensive experience in: architectural design, construction documents, construction administration, computer aided design (CAD) systems and general office computer systems, hardware and software, giving presentations, public speaking, graphic design and photography.

Being retired, I am now interested in doing some part time work and would like to get involved in teaching where I may be able to use my years of experience to help students interested in careers in architecture, drafting, engineering and photography.

I am also open to short duration contract work as an independent consultant for other architects, engineers and contractors who may need my help as well as for doing photography for architects, engineers and contractors. I do not want to work full-time as I have a number of personal projects that I have had on the back-burner for years.

Many architects, engineers and contractors in the East Texas region know me and know that I am a highly-skilled, competent, hard-working architect as well as being an honest ethical and decent person and, if you want my help, you will get the best I have to offer. I was with my former company, for 16 years, 11 of those as an owner and principal and, in all that time, the only two design awards we ever won adjucicated by other architects were BOTH for my projects. I am a highly skilled designer and often handled the most complex and messy projects in my office, such as the Como-Pickton remodel and addition, Alvarado ISD projects, Brownsboro ISD projects and the latest, the Bullard Intermediate School project.

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I also created and maintain a public FaceBook page to help anyone interested in a career in architecture called "So you want to be an Architect" and you can explore it by clicking the link.

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