About Me


I have a career spanning 33 years as a successful, AIA prize-winning architect, and a firm principal in one of the most successful practices in Northeast Texas for 11 years. I was bought out of my company and retired from full-time work at the end of December 2015.

Since early 2016, I have performed occasional, unsolicited, minor consulting and assistance work for former clients and architect colleagues. Although I am maintaining my architectural license, I do not perform nor offer services as an architect and nor do I seal and sign architectural projects. If you need an architect, I may refer you to one, but I do not accept projects myself. Since I receive the occasional unsolicited request for help, I created a company, Alan R Consulting LLC, to do this irregular work.

I do however offer my services as an architectural photographer and, if you are an architect or contractor and would like quality photographs of your project, during construction and/or after completion, feel free to contact me via Alan R Photography. As an architect, I know my way around a building site and have a good eye for architectural construction.

Following is a little of my history:

I graduated second in my class in November 1982 and have setup and managed computer and CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems in architectural offices since 1984. I have worked for four companies and/or firms in my career: Protekon Architects in South Africa, Ambassador University in Texas, Simons Burch Clark Maris Architects then at Eubanks Harris Roberts Craig Architects in Tyler Texas for 16 years, 11 of which I was an owning partner and principal. In all of these organizations, in addition to working as an architect, I was the resident computer system and CAD trainer, hardware and software expert. I customized the system, established hardware and software standards, trained new users, purchased hardware and software, provided tech support and ran the network and social networking pages.

I was also the resident photographer and graphic designer, doing all of our photography, our brochure and most of our graphic propotional work. I also created and maintained our website and social media pages.

I am a highly-skilled architect having designed millions of dollars worth of large and very successful complex projects, being extremely competent when it comes to construction drawing production and figuring out how to detail a builing as well, producing detailed and thorough documents. I have good inter-personal skills and get on well with clients, contractors, engineers and other professionals as well as workmen on site, treating them all with respect.

 In the 16 years I was part of Eubanks Harris Roberts Craig Architects, January 2000 through December 2015, I was the only principal:

--  Whose projects won American Institute of Architects Design Awards.

--  Who spoke multiple times at the Texas Society of Architects Convention

--  Who wrote for and was published in Texas Architect Magazine

--  Who was actively and regulary involved in speaking at high school career days (and still is)

--  Who regulary met with and gave interested young students tours of our office

--  Who was regulary invited to speak to students in the Tyler Junior College Engineering program

--  Who actively and continuously served the Northeast Texas Chapter of the AIA

--  And, the only principal who activerly served on the board of the Texas Society of Architects as the Director for Northeast Texas

I am also an accomplished public speaker, photographer (winning a number of regional competitions as well as an AIA comptetion and an RIBA competition) an artist, private pilot and licensed drone pilot.

Since retiring, I have not solicited work but have been approached a number of times by former clients as well as architect colleagues asking for assistance. I am not interested in working full-time nor soliciting architectural work but have assisted a few architect friends and former clients a during retirement.

Alan R Consulting
A collage of some of my architectural work: